You deserve a representative that's accountable to you.

After 32 years of the same representation, Frank has failed to represent the people of New Jersey – his one job. Vote LINE "A" in Middlesex, LINE "B" in Monmouth.

Russ Cirincione

Father. Public Servant. Housing Attorney. Not a politician. Will stand for:

Environmental Justice & 100% Clean Energy by 2030.
Supports Universal Health Care & Knows Health Care is a Human Right.
Supports a Universal Basic Income and Andrew Yang endorsee.
Rejects Lobbyists and PAC Money. Average donation of $28.


Frank Pallone

U.S. Representative since 1993. Only job: Politician since 1988. [i]

Wants to build fossil fuel pipelines until 2050.
Has publicly opposed Universal Health Care saying people "don't want change". [i]
Supported the 1994 Crime Bill, the reason why police officers use excessive force today.
99.32% of Donations are from Big Pharma, Fossil Fuel Lobbyists & Corporate PACs. [i]

Vote for Progress. Vote for Russ Cirincione.

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for the people.

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New Jerseyans work hard. That's why you deserve a representative that's accountable to you.

Russ is a problem-solver with a track record of success, and is fighting for bold new ideas, like a: Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, Lower Property Taxes, and Economic & Racial Justice and more... Click here to read all of Russ' policies.

After 32 years of the same representation, it's time to elect a better Democrat, who will always fight for all of us.

Vote Line A if you vote in Middlesex county and Line B if you vote in Monmouth county.


People Over Politics

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New Jerseyans and Americans work hard. You deserve a representative that's accountable to you. Russ is a problem solver with a track record of success, and is fighting for bold new ideas.
It's time to elect a better Democrat. NJ 6th Congressional District (Monmouth and Middlesex)


Vote by mail

mail by july 7th

All registered Democrats and Republicans are to be sent ballots to vote by mail. If you have not yet received your ballot in the mail it is time to call the Board of Elections at  (732) 745-3471 to determine the issue.

If you are an unaffiliated voter you will need to request a ballot, we have added a button below with the form. If you need help registering to vote, or assistance to get your ballot, please call or text Russ Cirincione's campaign HQ at (732) 588-5245.

Vote in person


wear masks & gloves

If you prefer to vote in person, there will be polling places open on July 7th. These locations will be open for voting via provisional ballots only, and some limited voting via machine for individuals with disabilities. Click the button below to find your polling location.

We are here to protect everyone's rights to vote, so if you have any trouble voting, please call or text us at (732) 588-5245.


Universal Basic Income (UBI)

We must end poverty and provide peace of mind for every American by supporting a $2,000 per month for every adult and $500 per month for each child. Not only during COVID-19 and Pandemics, but also thereafter.

A Universal Basic Income will unleash our potential as human beings.

The incumbent Corporate Democrat Frank Pallone, DOES NOT support this and has BLOCKED the bill from passing.

No strings attached.

Protect & expand social safety net.


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Expand & Improve

Universal health coverage to every American, for the lowest possible price.

Medicare-for-All will save the average New Jerseyan over 3 thousand dollars, take care of all your healthcare needs, and is a tax cut for all working people.

Long-term care, dental, vision & hearing included.

Medicine costs cap at $200 per year.

No premiums, copays or deductibles.

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End Corruption
& Get Money Out of Politics

Russ will fight to get money out of politics. Politics is dirty because our elections are dominated by big money. We've got legalized bribery at the highest levels of government.

We need to restore power to the People, by getting the big money out of politics. We need clean and fair elections,
Russ has pledged to never take a dime of corporate PAC nor lobbyist money, for his entire career.

$0 Corporate PAC or lobbyist money.

End Citizens United & NRA.

$100 democracy dollars for voters.

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A Green New Deal

The United States is well-known for being a leader. Our innovations will help move the world forward, and create unprecedented economic prosperity. The Green New Deal addresses multiple issues at the same time, and will boost our economy: 

High speed rails & free public transit.

20M new jobs. Go 100% green by 2030.

Rebuild our infrastructure.

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rusS "Russell" cirincione

Russ dedicated his career to serving the common good as a government attorney. In court, Russ makes sure that no one is above the law. His legislative experience of drafting laws protecting seniors that live in mobile homes will make sure he gets to work for us on day one. His experience at the negotiation table, fighting big money and corruption, and working for the people uniquely qualifies him to represent New Jersey's 6th District.

Russ believes that America must put the People first. It's time for justice for all of us - environmental, social, economic, and racial justice. Russ will be your voice in Congress, and the People will be in control. It's time to take our government back and get the big money out of politics. Russ will create millions of good paying, union jobs, with a Green New Deal, to clean up the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the world we live in. We will cut our electric bills in half when we go 100% renewable energy by 2030. We will save our homes, our families, and prevent climate catastrophe. To provide opportunity for all and invest in our schools from the federal level to lower property taxes. To guarantee health coverage for the lowest cost.

We're bringing the People of New Jersey together for an unprecedented grassroots movement. When we work together, we can create an America that works. For all of us.

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Russ needs your help.

We are weeks away from the election. We need to raise $500 a day to win.

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