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Russ has dedicated his career as a "good guy" attorney to fight for housing justice. In courts, Russ has stood toe to toe with big money, and won. Russ drafted a law that now protects tenants from predatory lending practices. As a public servant, Russ is committed to serve the common good. He has the experience negotiating, fighting big money and corruption, and to get to work for the American People.

Russ believes it's time to get big money out of politics, create thousands of New Jersey jobs, lower New Jersey property taxes, lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs with Medicare for All, and go 100% renewable energy by 2030 to save our homes, our families, and prevent climate catastrophe.

It's time that America prioritizes the needs of the People. It's time that we join the rest of the world and have single-payer Medicare for All. It's time for a federal jobs guarantee to do the work our communities need to get done, and save the planet with the Green New Deal. It's time to end the corruption and create ethical rules for Congress.

Now is the time for the political revolution to return power to the People. We are bringing the People of New Jersey together, for an unprecedented grassroots movement in Middlesex and Monmouth County. Because when we work together, we will create an America that works, for all of us.

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Green New Deal

New Jobs & 
A Jobs Guarantee


Cancel Student Debt
A Living Wage

One Job Should be Enough

Invest in Our Schools

End Corruption
Housing for All
Justice For All

Racial Justice
Lower Property Taxes
In New Jersey
Legalize Marijuana