You deserve a representative that isaccountable to you. Not the corporations.

After 32 years of the same representation, Frank has failed to represent the people of New Jersey – his one job.
It's time for change, and we need your support today.

Vote by mail in the Democratic Primary by July 7th.

Russ Cirincione

Father. Public Servant. Housing Attorney. Not a politician.
Stands for:

Environmental Justice & 100% Clean Energy by 2030.
Supports Universal Health Care & Knows Health Care is a Human Right.
Supports a Universal Basic Income and endorsed by Andrew Yang.
Rejects Lobbyists and PAC Money. Average donation of $28.


Frank Pallone

U.S. Representative since 1993. Only job: Politician since 1988. [i]
Stands for:

Wants to build fossil fuel pipelines until 2050.
Has publicly opposed Universal Health Care saying people "don't want change". [i]
Supported the 1994 Crime Bill, the reason why police officers use excessive force today.
99.32% of Donations are from Big Pharma, Fossil Fuel Lobbyists & Corporate PACs. [i]

Vote for Progress. Vote for Russ Cirincione.

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