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I'm Russ Cirincione and I'm running for Congress as aProgressive Democrat for
Monmouth and Middlesex County. Join our fight.

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Green New Deal

We all should have the right to clean air, Pure water, and a Healthy environment. Protect our forests, parks, and families. A federal job guarantee.

Medicare For All

Health care is a basic human right for all, not a benefit to some. For a healthy country, we need healthy people.

College for All

Opportunity for all means that Americans deserves free public college to be competitive in the world. Free public school is the foundation for an educated society. It's time to cancel all student loans and bail out main street.

End Corruption

Politics was made to serve people. Take money out of politics and fight for the people, not lobbyists.

Abolish ICE

ICE has arrested over 1,400 American Citizens since 2012. It is unaccountable. Dept. of Homeland Security is totally capable of protecting our borders. Let's save $5.7bn per year by abolishing ICE.

Fair Tax Policy

We must lower taxes on anyone making less than $240,000 a year and Corporations must pay their fair share in taxes, instead of receiving billions in tax refunds. We will close tax loopholes.

For ALL of US

My name is Russ Cirincione. I’m a father, a husband, an activist, and a public servant. As a government attorney I advocate for the laws, housing rights and people. I've had the courage to stand up to powerful big money in courtrooms before. I've drafted laws that protect tenants. Now I'm ready to fight #ForUS.

I believe Americans care about their families and each other, and our government should protect and empower everyone, equally, by using our collective power and wealth. America must live up to its promises of opportunity and justice for all.

I believe our country must represent the People, and we can do it by ending corruption. I've pledged to reject all corporate PAC and lobbyist money to stay true to the People. I believe to pursue happiness, we must guarantee life saving medical coverage for all of our brothers and sisters with Medicare for All.

I believe we must guarantee clean air and drinking water, protect our forests, our parks, our homes, our beaches, and our children with the Green New Deal. We can provide opportunity for all of our people with free public college. I believe that if you want to work, you should be able to find good public work rebuilding our towns and infrastructure with a federal jobs guarantee for a living wage.

I'm a Progressive Democrat for New Jersey's 6th District, Middlesex and Monmouth, in the U.S. House of Representatives. I'm running, for all of US. #NotMeUs.